Tips & Safety On Field Trips

  • Take every precaution while on field trips like making sure you have the right gear like gloves,
    boots, drinking water and basic supplies.
  • Fill in your holes after digging and beware of overhanging rocks and ledges that could collapse
    while digging below.
  • Don't go into old mine shafts as most are unstable and air quality can never be guaranteed.  
  • Always wear safety glasses when breaking or chiselling on rocks.
  • Watch out for snakes and spiders because as a rock hound you're more prone to finding these
    critters than others.
  • Always close gates after you and always take your rubbish home with you if there isn't a proper
    place to leave it.
  • Always tell someone where you are before you leave in case something goes wrong!
  • Always have a first aid kit close by.
  • If you haven't been to an area before draw yourself a map or have a map with you so you don't
    get lost. Mobile phones don't work everywhere!
  • Wear a good hat and sunscreen so you don't get sunburnt.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ask permission from any private property owner at any location
when searching for gemstones before you enter any such property. You may also be required to
possess a fossicking license as per state laws.

Safety In The Workshop

  • Don't have loose clothing around any moving machine parts and keep guards on equipment at
    all times.
  • Wear safety glasses while grinding and using any pickle or acid compounds.
  • Wear a filter face mask if required.
  • Don't spill water on any electric motors. Electricity and water don't mix.
  • Keep fingers and hands clear of sharp moving parts.
  • Wear rubber gloves if handling any acids or pickling solutions.
  • Use tweezers when handling hot soldered jewelry.
  • Have a first aid kit near by at all times.
Club Details

Established in 1965

96 Mooney St, Gulliver,
Townsville 4810

For further details please contact:-

Mob. Phone: 0447 898952 on Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday between 9.00 and


Membership Details:-

Joining Fee:-
Adult $25   Junior:-  $15
Annual Fee:-
Adult $30   Junior:- $15

On joining members are posted a monthly newsletter.

Workshop Times:-

Mornings: 9.00am – 12pm
Tues: Own work
Wed: Faceting, lapidary or own work
Sat: Juniors, lapidary or own work

Evenings: 7.30pm – 10pm
Mon: Faceting, lapidary or own work
Tues: Art Metal or Own work

Workshop Fees per session:-

Adults:- $5

Pensioner:- $4

Junior:- $4


Way back in 1965 ninety-three people gathered at a local High School in
response to press and radio invitations about the formation of a gem club.  At
the first official meeting the name “Townsville Gem and Mineral Club” was
adopted. The club became incorporated in 1996 and has been established for

The first workroom /meeting place was a car showroom in the Townsville
Showgrounds, which was kindly offered by a car dealer with the only expense to
the club being the electricity charges. This showroom consisted of a roof, one
wall of fibrolite and three walls of arch mesh and a dirt floor. The work sessions
were so well attended that members formed queues to use the equipment thus
giving members plenty of time to talk as they waited for the their turn, (you
crossed your legs rather than leave the line for any reason). The initial
equipment was purchased with money obtained from interest free loans from
members. A Sander/ Polisher unit made by one of the members is still in use

Eighteen months later the club was asked by the show committee to find
alternative accommodation. The Salvation Army came to the rescue and for a
nominal rental the club was able to set up a workshop in an old house.  As this
was only a temporary arrangement, fundraising activities began in earnest by its
members to acquire their own place. In late 1970 a furniture warehouse was
purchased by the club. Next came the battle with the City Council to allow the
building to be used for a workroom.

Situated in a residential area the objection was noise from the machinery to be
used. The club was also required to install sewerage and a toilet block to the
council’s regulations and off street parking. These problems were worked out
and the club’s equipment was transferred to its new home in 1971. The then
president returned the next morning to get “just a few more things “ from the
old house only to find the building demolished – “We had only just got out in
Christmas of the same year Cyclone Althea struck Townsville and the building
lost part of the roof, front door and had extensive rain damage. Eventually, the
loan on the building was paid off and the clubhouse was ours.

Field Trips:-

Have been with the club since inception, the first one being to Cape
Hillsborough near Mackay, which is now a National Park. These days we have
organised field trips from April, after the wet and heat. Some
are day trips and others over a longer period.

Lapidary, Silversmithing and Faceting:-

These sessions are offered on a regular weekly basis and many members enjoy
these sessions held at the clubrooms. Other workshops held throughout the
year have been: Bone Carving, Lost Wax Casting, Gem tree making, basic
gemology,wire wrapping,working with opal and creative workshops.

The club would like to hear form any persons experienced in these fields or
other related fields to run workshops to improve our level of members’

Annual Gem Show:-

Saturday and Sunday of the 2nd last weekend in July yearly. 9am to 2 pm. Held on
the club premises. The weekend show hosts a large display of gems and
minerals with lapidary demonstrations, tailgaters and dealers. Come and visit or
be a part of the annual show and at the same time enjoy our magnificent
Townsville winter weather.
Townsville Gem & Mineral Club Inc.