Club Details

ABN 58.660 859 700

Club Contact:-

P.O.Box 828 Horsham Victoria 3402

For further details please contact:-

President;     Mr  Ray Petering     
33 Mardon Drive,    Horsham,  Vic ,  3400.    
Phone 03 53820451      

Secretary;     Mrs  Helga Eder       
PO Box 227,    Casterton ,  Vic   3311.    
Phone Mob 0423583507      

Treasurer;     Mr  Toby Decker   
2  Hutchesson St,    Horsham   Vic   3400   
Phone  0353822874          

Membership Details:-

Joining Fee (Once only):- $5.00 Family
$3.00 Single (Adult)
Annual Membership:- $10.00 Adults
$2.50  Juniors
Insurances:- $4.00 (Adults)
Magazine (Optional):- $20.00 Per annum     


Prior to our club being officially formed, there was a group of friends in the late 1950's
called the "Grampians Gem Group" that were interested in lapidary, this prompted the
calling of a public meeting to formally form a club. A public meeting was held at Horsham
showgrounds on the 10th April 1967 and was attended by approximately 90 people. The
Horsham & District Lapidary club was formed at this meeting. Initially meetings were held
in the Langlands pavilion at the showgrounds until 1975 when a move was made to the
Mechanics Institute, then in 1995 we moved to our current clubrooms in what was the
previous Horsham police station at 24 Roberts Avenue.

Interest has been strong over the years, since formation,  the club has had displays at
Horsham RSL Motor shows, Horsham Rotary Art shows, Wimmera Antique Bottle show,
Karkana Strawberry Fairs, displays and demonstrations at St Arnaud Festivals, Wimmera
Machinery Field Days, competitions at Horsham Agricultural Society shows, entered
showcases at Mt.Gambier "Gemorama",  Echuca - Moama exhibitions, state Gemkhana's
and national Gemboree's (Gem & Mineral Shows) and had members successfully enter
competitions at Gemkhana's and Gemboree's.

In 1996 we held our club's first exhibition of Gemstones & Minerals as part of Art Is  
festival at our current clubrooms and have held an annual exhibition there since then.
Over the years the club facilities have grown from cabochon cutting machinery, to
faceting, silversmithing, silver casting, and copper enamelling with equipment for members
to enjoy a variety of facets of the hobby. Club membership has fluctuated over time and
currently has 29 members. Over the life of the club it has presented "Life Membership" to
eight members.

Workshop Times:-

Wednesday:- 10am to 4pm Clubrooms & Workshop open.
Clubrooms: 24 Roberts Avenue, Horsham.


First Friday every month (Excluding January).
7 pm for meeting. (Clubrooms open from 4 pm).
24 Roberts Avenue, Horsham.

If you enjoy Rocks, Gems, Fossils, Jewellery & Minerals.
                      Come and join us!
Horsham & District Lapidary Club Inc.
         Tips & Safety On Field Trips

  • Take every precaution while on field trips like making sure you have the right gear like gloves,
    boots, drinking water and basic supplies.
  • Fill in your holes after digging and beware of overhanging rocks and ledges that could collapse
    while digging below.
  • Don't go into old mine shafts as most are unstable and air quality can never be guaranteed.  
  • Always wear safety glasses when breaking or chiselling on rocks.
  • Watch out for snakes and spiders because as a rock hound you're more prone to finding these
    critters than others.
  • Always close gates after you and always take your rubbish home with you if there isn't a proper
    place to leave it.
  • Always tell someone where you are before you leave in case something goes wrong!
  • Always have a first aid kit close by.
  • If you haven't been to an area before draw yourself a map or have a map with you so you don't
    get lost. Mobile phones don't work everywhere!
  • Wear a good hat and sunscreen so you don't get sunburnt.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ask permission from any private property owner at any location
when searching for gemstones before you enter any such property. You may also be required to
possess a fossicking license as per state laws.

Safety In The Workshop

  • Don't have loose clothing around any moving machine parts and keep guards on equipment at
    all times.
  • Wear safety glasses while grinding and using any pickle or acid compounds.
  • Wear a filter face mask if required.
  • Don't spill water on any electric motors. Electricity and water don't mix.
  • Keep fingers and hands clear of sharp moving parts.
  • Wear rubber gloves if handling any acids or pickling solutions.
  • Use tweezers when handling hot soldered jewelry.
  • Have a first aid kit near by at all times.