Faceted Gems
The gems beauty is revealed
from a rough stone.  
Polished and set into a hand
made silver setting.
Free Form Silver

There are no limits when
designing jewelry.

Cut and cleaned ready for
shaping into designs.
A piece of rough geode set in

This fossilized tree resin is
millions of years old.
Soldering Silver

Making a ring from sterling

The cabachon design is the
most widely used in jewelry.
Making Jewelry

Combining jewelry and gems
is an age old art.

Once polished they can be
set into jewelry.
Coober Pedy Opal Fields
South Australia.
4 Colored diamonds
Agates set in handmade
silver settings.
Amber and silver
Displayed on a Zeolite
speciman from Victoria
Flexible drive tips
for jewelry work.
2 Historic Miners cottages
in Lightning Ridge.
Enamel beads and
silver necklace.
Displayed on a
Zeolite specimen
from Victoria.
Garnet and
silver necklace
and earrings.
Displayed on a
Garnet Crystal
Handmade jewelry
and some of the
tools used.
Sticky Beaks
Opal Triplet
set in silver.
Typical open cut mine at
Coober Pedy. The texta
arrows point to an opal
seam I found in 2004. It
took some blasting and
lots of digging to get it
Last one standing.
Gold miners cottage
at Hillgrove, NSW.
A selection of pics from
Coober Pedy. The town
has all facilities with good
caravan parks and many
The Burra Copper
mine in South
Australia no longer
A large emerald
set with a host
of diamonds.
Many of these following photos were supplied by: Brazilian Rockhounds
Sovereign Hill -
Gold mining
village in Victoria.
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Large Ant Mound in
Mining Display. QLD.
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Coober Pedy Opal