Club Details

Established in 1965 this club is situated in the heart of the Blue Mountains.
The club rooms are in The Valley Road, Valley Heights, opposite the railway station.


For further details please contact:-

Blaxland Gem & Mineral Club
Post Office Box 98,
Blaxland 2774

Michael  -  02 47541436
Brian     -  0429878431

Membership Details:-

Joining Fee - $20.00 Family or Single - $10.00 Junior
Yearly Subscription
$25.00 Family - $15.00 Single - $10.00  Junior
Plus Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance $3 per person


Founded in 1965, it is presently one of the oldest lapidary clubs in N.S.W.

A fully equipped workshop is available to all members for a small charge. For those
wishing to learn more, there is a well stocked, comprehensive library (stones,
minerals, fossils, faceting, silverwork) which may be used for free.

Lapidary is not an expensive hobby and can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

No special skills are required and in the workshop there are instructors who are only
too willing to impart their knowledge to any beginners.

Workshop Times:-

The club is open at the following times:-

Monday from 9.00 am

Tuesday from 9.00 am
Wednesday from 9.00 am to midday then 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Thursday from 9.30 am
Friday from 9.00 am to midday then 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

The workshop is open each of these times except for the General Meeting Nights,
when it opens after the meeting.
Members can come along to either work on the machines, or just to have a friendly
chat and enjoy a cuppa.

Field Trips:-

Fossicking trips are organised when possible, to introduce members to new areas
for the collection of rocks and minerals. Naturally a tent or caravan is a handy item to
have, but you do not need a four-wheel drive vehicle, but it could be a help.

Club Shows & Events:-

The Annual Exhibition is held 3rd weekend each August – this is open to the public and
is now one of the best, well patronised lapidary functions in N.S.W.

Displays of lapidary work and gem, mineral and crystal sales.
Refreshments available.
Glenbrook Community Hall
Great Western Highway, Glenbrook, NSW
(Next to Glenbrook Theatre) Just west of Information Centre.
8 am to 4 pm Daily
Entry: Adults: $3,    Children $1
Muttama field trip with some
other clubs 2007 Dec
Mudgee Homerule
Blaxland Gem & Mineral Club Inc
    Tips & Safety On Field Trips

  • Take every precaution while on field trips like making sure you have the right gear like gloves,
    boots, drinking water and basic supplies.
  • Fill in your holes after digging and beware of overhanging rocks and ledges that could collapse
    while digging below.
  • Don't go into old mine shafts as most are unstable and air quality can never be guaranteed.  
  • Always wear safety glasses when breaking or chiselling on rocks.
  • Watch out for snakes and spiders because as a rock hound you're more prone to finding these
    critters than others.
  • Always close gates after you and always take your rubbish home with you if there isn't a proper
    place to leave it.
  • Always tell someone where you are before you leave in case something goes wrong!
  • Always have a first aid kit close by.
  • If you haven't been to an area before draw yourself a map or have a map with you so you don't
    get lost. Mobile phones don't work everywhere!
  • Wear a good hat and sunscreen so you don't get sunburnt.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ask permission from any private property owner at any location
when searching for gemstones before you enter any such property. You may also be required to
possess a fossicking license as per state laws.

Safety In The Workshop

  • Don't have loose clothing around any moving machine parts and keep guards on equipment at
    all times.
  • Wear safety glasses while grinding and using any pickle or acid compounds.
  • Wear a filter face mask if required.
  • Don't spill water on any electric motors. Electricity and water don't mix.
  • Keep fingers and hands clear of sharp moving parts.
  • Wear rubber gloves if handling any acids or pickling solutions.
  • Use tweezers when handling hot soldered jewelry.
  • Have a first aid kit near by at all times.
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